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Friday, June 5, 2020

Why Pakistan needs China's friendship?

Image courtesy @Samma TV

Pakistan and China are close friends. This friendship is said to be higher than the Himalayas and sweeter than honey. The two countries have expressed this friendship on many occasions. But internationally it is said that any friendship between countries is only due to mutual interests. In this article, we will consider why Pakistan needs China's friendship. The following four points are important in this regard.
   1.    Border issues-
 After the formation of Pakistan, Pakistan's border issues with India occurred and Pakistan had to fight on the Kashmir front. Apart from Kashmir, Pakistan has a long border with India, which stretches from Punjab and Sind. For its defense Pakistan has deployed thousands of soldiers. In addition, Pakistan has one of the longest borders with Afghanistan where there were problems after the establishment of Pakistan, but these problems increased a lot after the 9/11 incident and today Pakistan has to deploy a lot of troops on this border also. That is why Pakistan has always tried to maintain good relations with the other two neighboring countries, China and Iran, and always tried to avoid border issues. In this regard, Pakistan had settled the border issues with China in 1963 in a cordial manner, so the border between China and Pakistan is very peaceful.
2.  China's global status and veto power-
The second major reason for Pakistan's friendship with China is that China is a major power and has a veto power in the United Nations. China used this power for the first time in 1972, when it vetoed the entry of Bangladesh in United Nations. It’s not only that China comes to Pakistan's aid; Pakistan has also always stood by China in difficult times. In 1951 Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize China. While the West and the United States were afraid of China because of China's communist government, it was Pakistan that acted as a bridge between them. Pakistan also helped China and United States in maintaining good relations. Pakistan also has an important role to play in China’s attaining of Veto power in United Nations.
3. Chinese Investment -
China is currently one of the world's largest economic powers and has invested around the world. Pakistan also has huge Chinese investment, including the CPEC project under the One Belt One Road project. Its completion will give China access to the hot water that Russia once dreamed of. Its completion is likely to usher in a new era of economic growth in Pakistan. Therefore, Chinese investment is also a major reason for Pakistan's deep friendship with China.
4. China's defense and technical assistance -
After the formation of Pakistan, when Pakistan joined the US bloc, Pakistan was supported by the US in the defense sector for a long time, but after the end of the Cold War and after Pakistan's atomic tests, US cooperation in this regard decreased. The US leaned towards India because the US wanted to put India ahead of China in the region. Therefore, Pakistan had to look to China for defense cooperation. In this regard, JF 17 aircraft and Al-Khalid tanks built with the joint defense cooperation of Pakistan and China are at the forefront. China has also been helping Pakistan's missile technology. This is also a big reason for Pakistan and China's friendship with each other.

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