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Monday, June 1, 2020

Why India hates Pakistan? Analysis by a Pakistani

Image courtesy @Pakistan Today

Why does India hate us so much? We will consider this from historical references today. Hatred and sectarianism have been the hallmarks of the subcontinent that led to the separation of the two countries, but today, 73 years later, the hatred has persisted and increased.
Hate has a special acceptance in India. You see their media, vomiting poison day and night. Why they do it because people like hate speech against Muslims and especially Pakistanis. He who does not do so not only gets Zero ratings but also gets the title of anti-national. If you listen to the statements of Indian politicians, you will only see hatred and animosity, why do they propagate hatred because their people will vote for the one who will do so. Everyone has seen pictures of Indians celebrating Donald Trump's victory because of his anti-Muslim views, but the question is, is this hatred and sedition something new? Absolutely not ... this hatred has existed in the subcontinent for centuries.
That is why a liberal and enlightened man like Muhammad Ali Jinnah had to demand the partition of India. It should be noted that this is the same Jinnah who was called the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity in the early twentieth century and who started his political journey with the Congress. Initially, when the Muslim League was formed, its aim was not to divide India but to defend the rights of Muslims, but what happened that a few years later the Muslim League had to demand partition?
The answer to this is the narrow-mindedness of the Hindus of the subcontinent, to consider a Muslim worse than Shudra, to consider oneself unclean when shaking hands with a Muslim, not to eat anything of a Muslim, and so on. But the biggest was the Congress ministries formed in 1937, in which for the first time after hundreds of years; Majority class got the Government in Hindustan. The majority class showed such a narrow-mindedness that the Muslim League had to celebrate Day of deliverance in 1939 when these ministries came to an end. Now the Muslims had decided that it was no longer in the interest of the Muslims to live under majority class in India.
The stories of the massacre of Muslims in Partition are all over the world, the reason for their hatred is the thousand years of slavery in which the Hindu kings of India were defeated by the Turks, Mongols, Arabs, Afghans and Mughals. This has kept them feeling inferior for centuries, now they can't take revenge on these Mughals, Turks; they continue to kill the poor local Muslims by making them descendants of Mughals and Arabs. Most of the Muslim rulers were secular thinkers in whose courts many Hindus held high positions. In their millennial history, there have been no major Hindu-Muslim riots but in the last seventy-three years there have been thousands of anti-Muslim riots in so-called secular India. They are in such a complex that when East Pakistan was broken in 1971, Indira gandhi said today they have taken revenge of 1000 years slavery. The level of hatred has been seen in the Delhi riots where the police are attacking Muslims along with the rioters. Sometimes a mosque is martyred in the name of a temple in front of the whole world, sometimes two thousand Muslims are burnt in Gujarat, and hatred has polluted the souls of the people of India. So they hate Pakistan in such a way that when they can't openly abuse a Muslim, they start giving it under the guise of Pakistan. Hate does not give anything to a human being. Adolf Hitler was the biggest hater of a particular community. Millions suffered due to his hatred but at last World saw his bitter End. If India does not abandon its policy of hatred, the world will soon see its end.


  1. One sided analysis... And it's show ur mentality..

  2. This analysis is from Pakistan's perspective..You can do your own ..


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